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[Tutorial] Learning a Skill and Skill Tomes

Skill learning is the latest new feature for CoG. Here are the basics:
At this moment, all skills are passive, they affect the units the hero leads and is triggered at all times. We may add more dynamic skills later.

Each hero can learn a maximum of four skills. Some higher-grade (color) heroes come with one or two skills. You can teach your heroes new skills. To do this you need a Skill Tome. Skill Tomes can be found by defeating Dungeon Bosses (the more advanced Dungeon Bosses will drop better Tomes), Wheel of Fortune, and Treasure Chests (Tomes 1 – 2, 1 – 4 and 2 – 5 for Bronze, Silver and Golden Treasure Chests respectively). You can also buy Level I Tomes at the Shop using Silver.

To learn a new skill, you must have the right Tome. If your hero has never learned the skill of Valor for example, you need a Tome of Valor I before you can teach your hero Tome of Valor II and III. You must learn the more basic skills before learning the advanced ones.

To learn a skill, go to the Skills Master in your main city (Arthlan/Sanctaria/Necrolis). The Skills Master is in the same building as the Transmutation Master and the Gem Socketeer, The name of the building is Ironbark Forge/Ironforge/Ironbones Forge.

Below is a list of all the Skills currently available in Call of Gods:

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