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[Tutorial] Race overview - Elves

Elves Territory: Studor
Elves worship the Dragon of Earth and respect nature. They believe in the harmonious co-existencence of all creatures.

Elves are an ancient race that have inhabited the Masure Mainland since time immemorial. They are creatures of natural grace and nobility and are wary of contact with other races. Even when their survival was threatened by the demon invasion, they only a forged a short-lived alliance with the humans. After the defeat of the demon armies , the Elves once again retired to their former seclusion. The Elven capital of Sdaq is said to be a living paradise of unimaginable beauty and splendor.

Units: Dwarf Warrior (Dwarf Warrior), Elf Hunter (Earth shooter), Unicorn (War Unicorn), Druid (Earth Priest), Green Dragon (Golden Dragon)

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