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[Tutorial] Level 10 and Beyond

From level 10 onwards, Call of Gods' players will have more freedom and control over how they wish to progress. Apart from completing quests you'll also be able to participate in PvP combat, explore dungeons, join alliances and much more.
This guide will give you a few hints and tips in order to help you to progress from level 10 to 20 and is by no means definitive. I've chosen the Elves as my race but this guide applies to all races, though individual names will be different.
1. Recruiting and training your fourth Hero
Call of Gods allows you to recruit three heroes right from the beginning of the game, which is enough for dealing with the monsters that you've encountered up to now. However, by the time you reach level 10 you should aim to recruit your fourth hero. To do this you'll need to upgrade Call of the Wild at your Wisdom Spring to Level 2.

Once the upgrade is complete, go to your main city and recruit a fourth hero from the tavern. You'll be able to recruit a fifth hero when you reach Level 20.

2. Upgrade your buildings to unlock better units
You probably still have a few elite Elven Rangers and Dwarf Champions from when you started, but the only unit that you can produce with a Level 1 Hunter’s Hall is the mediocre Dwarf Warrior. In order to fight tougher enemies you'll need to expand your choice of units. Upgrade your Hunter’s Hall to level 2 to recruit Hunters (a basic archer unit). In order to recruit Unicorns (a basic cavalry unit) you need to upgrade your Hunter’s Hall to Level 2 and make sure you have a Level 1 Rainbow Grove. Hunters can attack the enemy from a distance and Unicorns can reach the enemy quicker and deliver a more powerful attack.

3. Explore Dungeons
Once you reach level 10 you can start exploring the game's vast dungeon system. Click on the "Dungeon" button to get started. There are many dungeons in Call of Gods but you'll only be able to access Cimmerian Dungeon at level 10.

Within a dungeon you'll find various monsters, resources and treasure chests. Sometimes defeated monsters will also drop items and gear. Each dungeon has three difficulty levels – Normal, Nightmare and Hell and you'll need to defeat a Dungeon Guardian in order to unlock a higher difficulty level. If you're running low on troops use the "Recruit" and "Assign Units" buttons to replenish your army.
You can save your progress and leave the dungeon at any time by clicking on the "Save and Exit" button. If you click "Quit" you'll lose your progress but dungeon items and monsters will also be reset (so you can kill and plunder them all over again!).
Dungeons are a great way of increasing your Exp once you've completed all available quests so don't hesitate to check them out.

4. Join an Alliance
Once you reach level 10 you can join an alliance. Joining an alliance will allow you to complete alliance quests, which give various rewards, as well earning "Reputation" which you can use to purchase items at the Exchange Shop (located in your race’s main city) or exchange for Exp. To join an alliance, click on the "Alliance" button and choose an alliance to apply to. An application request will be sent to the leader of the Alliance. If you are accepted you will now be a member of that alliance.
Once you are an alliance member, you can go to the "Alliance" section of the quest menu to browse and accept Alliance Quests.
You can also help your alliance by donating Silver. Click on the "Alliance" button to enter the Alliance interface. Click on the "Alliance Donation" button on the bottom right corner of the menu. Here you can donate Silver to your Alliance. You will receive Reputation in return, which you can exchange for Exp using the "Reputation Exchange" function or you can spend your Reputation at a Reputation Shop. The Reputation Shop is located at your race's main city. Once you're there, go to the Exchange Store and talk to one of the NPCs.

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